NDC Fact Sheet for OTAs

Setting the Scene

Marketplace dynamics are driving the need for new
retailing and distribution capabilities


Airlines seek to drive revenue by differentiating in our competitive travel market


Corporations aim to balance cost control with policy compliance and the traveler experience


Agencies need to manage content complexity and to focus investment on creating value


Business travelers’ expectations are changing, driven by their consumer experiences

What is NDC?

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA for the development and market adoption of a new, XML-based data transmission standard. This standard will make it easier for travelers to compare flights and prices, with increased visibility into ancillary offers, for a more personalized traveler experience.


What this means to Online Travel Agencies


  • Offer NDC and traditional content together
  • Leveraging NDC content can enable personalized, omni-channel offers
  • Focus on additional value-driving content
  • Deepen partnerships with suppliers and technology partners


  • Understanding implications of NDC adoption
  • Showcasing your value in the ecosystem
  • Aggregating multiple sources of content
  • Assessing your changes in workflow

What can I do to prepare?

Airline Partnerships
Technology Partnerships

Educate yourself on each airline’s content and distribution strategy

Understand any impacts to your existing contract based on which channel the trip is booked

Learn what personalized offers airlines will be offering and to whom

Technology Partnerships
Speak to your airline, GDS and technology partners to become familiar with the plans and potential impacts on their side

We are going Beyond NDC to add end-to-end value …

  • Provide highly RELEVANT offers based on business traveler purchase history
  • Ensure SEAMLESS booking service and travel experience
  • Differentiate with CONSISTENT product offers displayed across all channels
  • Improve SPEED TO MARKET to get new products and airfares to market faster

… and ensure key operations and workflows

Best Market Offer

Best offer available in the market

Support Audit Processe

Support audit processes

Platform Investments Built For Re-use

Platform investments built for omni-channel experiences

Active Reservation Synchronization

Active reservation synchronization

Rigor Capacity And Scalability

Rigor for capacity and scalability

Lifecycle management of the trip

Lifecycle management of the trip

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