Corporate travelers can now shop and book NDC offers in GetThere

How to shop and book NDC offers in GetThere

 NDC offers are now live in GetThere!

Now, more than ever, flexibility and safety are priorities for business travelers and corporations. Corporate travelers can now shop and book NDC offers using 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s online booking tool, GetThere. Here’s how it works:

To get started, the corporate traveler logs into GetThere as normal, indicates the reason for travel, enters trip details and searches for flights.

NDC offers appear seamlessly alongside traditional content in the search results with the corporation’s travel policy rules applied. The traveler can easily sort and filter across all of the content to quickly find the right flight option. Over time, searching and paying for ancillaries, such as seats, will also be incorporated into NDC offers in GetThere.

After adding a hotel and car to their itinerary, the traveler fills in the information on the checkout page and completes the purchase. The traveler can view booking details on the confirmation page, including the passenger name record and the NDC Order ID, which identifies an NDC booking.

Using GetThere to book NDC offers does not disrupt existing applications and workflows. A corporation’s TMC partner can fulfill NDC bookings made in GetThere using existing software, including 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Red 360. The consultant’s workflows are maintained to optimize convenience and efficiency.

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