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Optimize the life of every flight from planning through the day of operations.

As travel dynamics become more complex, the industry’s largest technology provider will be there, as we always have, with the most current, intelligent solutions to keep airlines running at peak performance.

We are constantly striving – creating the new technology that will help you get the most revenue from every flight. 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 offers the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions powering end-to-end retailing, distribution, and fulfillment.  Our integrated  technology is backed by our strategic partnership with Google, transforming the way airlines realize maximum value in their technology investment. From commercial planning and offer management to distribution and operations, discover how 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 delivers the insights airlines need to realize profitable growth.

Intelligent, flexible technology to fuel transformation and drive more agility.

值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s retailing and Distribution portfolio helps airlines maximize revenue while creating a differentiating brand experience. This requires end-to-end retailing capabilities, backed by an open and scalable technology ecosystem.

  • Network Planning & Optimization – Deliver the most profitable schedules across the network while optimizing forecasts, aircraft utilization and connectivity.
  • Offer Optimization – Drive incremental revenue through advanced decision support and marketplace insights while optimizing pricing, revenue management and merchandising.
  • Offer Sourcing – Distribute, promote and preference offers across all channels, to put the right offer in front of the right traveler. Build loyalty and drive higher conversion rates through personalization.
  • Customer Touchpoints – Sell travel through simplified workflows and intuitive points of sale. Leverage APIs to tailor the airline agent workspace and direct channel experience.

值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s Fulfillment portfolio ensures airlines can seamlessly fulfill on the brand promise, while efficiently managing their operations on the day of travel. From above the wing to inside the cockpit, read more about why airlines choose 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 to manage the day-of-travel experience.

  • Inventory Management – Leverage sophisticated inventory controls and high scalability to increase revenues across flights and ancillaries.
  • Departure Control – Discover streamlined and efficient customer processing, both inside and outside of the airport, through leading passenger and aircraft capabilities.
  • Order Management – Access a single view of the sale to fulfill customer reservations through end-to-end booking, distribution, and fulfillment products.

值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 believes in empowering developers to reimagine the business of travel through direct management of APIs and robust software developer kits. Visit the developer portals to find documentation and curated resources to bring your brand experience to life.

Available Products

  • Fleet Manager

    In an environment where profits can be determined by just a handful of passengers on each flight, airlines can’t afford to leave anyone behind. It’s vital to accommodate demand at all times. On the other hand, carriers don’t want to burn money by flying empty planes.

  • IROPS Reaccommodation

    Airlines today operate in a highly strained system that’s under ever-growing pressure. This means service disruptions pose an increasingly challenging issue.

  • 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Intelligence Exchange®

    Data is a powerful resource that can help airlines respond quickly to competitors as well as changing market conditions. Unfortunately, they often struggle to organize and analyze their massive data sets.

  • Auto Seating

    It can be a real challenge for airlines to give special consideration to those who have either earned or require high-priority status. High-value customers and those with special needs are just a few examples.

  • Self-Service Reaccommodation

    On an ongoing basis, every airline is faced with the need to create waivers for their customers. This can be due to cancellations or delays as well as the passenger’s reacommodation history or tier information. While it’s always important to take care of customers, managing waivers manually can take up a great deal of an agent’s time. On top of that, the delay can add further inconvenience and frustration to the passenger’s travel experience.