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This 隐私声明 applies to the websites and services (collectively, the “服务”) provided by 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 GLBL公司. and its affiliates (“值得信赖的十大娱乐平台”) to you, unless there is a separately posted 隐私 statement or description for such 服务. This statement also applies to other 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 服务 that display this 隐私声明. This 隐私声明 does not apply to personal information processed through our Tripcase or GetThere products.

本隐私声明概述了10大信誉娱乐平台如何接收您的个人信息, and what we do with that personal information once we have it. 本隐私声明不适用于不能识别个人身份的信息. 无论您使用何种设备访问10大信誉娱乐平台的服务,本隐私声明均适用. You may choose not to provide certain information to us but doing so may restrict your ability to use our 服务.

How do you learn information about me?

当您或其他企业与10大信誉娱乐平台互动并使用10大信誉娱乐平台的服务时,10大信誉娱乐平台会了解有关您的信息, 包括当:

  • you give it to us directly (e.g., when you choose to contact us, or make a request for information);
  • we collect it automatically through our products and 服务 (e.g., through your use of the 服务); or
  • someone else provides us information about you (e.g., when our client or a third party (such as an employer, 旅行社, 全球分销系统, 旅游供应商, 等.) provides us your information in order for us to perform 服务 for them.

What do you do with the information you gather?

一般, we use your information to help us operate our business, and to provide and improve our products and 服务 for you and our clients with which you have a business or employment relationship. 有时,10大信誉娱乐平台会根据您提供的信息(例如.g., when we use your IP address, 浏览器导航器语言, or other techniques to customize 朗uages for some of our 服务). When permitted by law or elected by you, we may also use the information to provide you information on additional or new 服务 and features offered by 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 or its strategic partners, or important information regarding 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台.

If you have provided information to our client or a third party who shares your information with us or instructs us to collect or process your information, their 隐私 statement may also apply. You may also have access to other sites through the 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 websites. These sites may have different 隐私 practices, and you should read any 隐私 notices provided on those sites.

Whose information may be processed in connection with the 服务?

在与服务的联系中,10大信誉娱乐平台处理关于不同类型的个人的信息. 下面将进一步讨论, 10大信誉娱乐平台处理的有关个人的信息可能取决于他或她如何与服务互动. These different types of individuals include:

Travelers and Those Acting on Their Behalf. Individual consumers and business travelers (“Travelers”) who 书 票s, 预约, or use other travel-related products or services offered by 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Subscribers or Travel Suppliers using the 服务. Subscribers and Travel Suppliers may collect and send 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 information about Travelers. 订户及旅游供应商可能已直接从旅客处收集此等信息, or from another individual who acts on the Traveler’s behalf. 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 also may receive information about assistants, 或代表其他个人预订旅游相关10大信誉娱乐平台或服务的其他代表.

Subscriber and Travel Supplier Staff.  值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 may collect information about employees and other individuals associated with 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Subscribers and Travel Suppliers.  “Subscribers” are travel agents, individuals at travel management companies, corporate travel departments, 在线旅游网站, 酒店, 航空公司, 和其他人 who subscribe to our 服务 to search, 价格, 书, 票, and manage travel services provided by a variety of participating 旅游供应商s, 如航空公司, 酒店, 邮轮公司, 汽车租赁公司, 铁路供应商, 旅行社, 和其他人 (“Travel Suppliers”). 例如, if a certain 旅行社 subscribes to our 服务, 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 might process information about individual travel agents at that agency to help agencies evaluate efficiency.

Other individuals who use our 服务 or contact us, and certain other individuals (such as sales leads).

When do you share my information with others?

  • When we have asked and received your permission to share it.
  • 当10大信誉娱乐平台被要求向10大信誉娱乐平台的客户或第三方提供您的信息时, or with whom you have a business or employment relationship. (其中一个例子是10大信誉娱乐平台从与你有业务往来的旅行社收到你的信息, and we provide your information on their behalf to a Travel Supplier, 比如航空公司.)
  • For processing or providing products and 服务 to 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 or to you.
  • 当10大信誉娱乐平台向10大信誉娱乐平台的商业伙伴提供信息以提升10大信誉娱乐平台提供的10大信誉娱乐平台和服务时.
  • We may use and share the information we gather to comply with law (including cooperation with regulators or officials), legal process or legal advice.
  • We may share your information when permitted by law if we believe it is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, 你的财产或安全, 10大信誉娱乐平台的其他用户, 军刀还是公众.
  • If our organizational structure or status changes (e.g., if we undergo a restructuring, 被收购了, 或破产), we may transfer your information to a successor or affiliate.
  • We may share information we gather to third parties that our clients have a relationship with such as loyalty providers, hotel property management systems, and other designated businesses that are affiliated 与10大信誉娱乐平台的客户, in order to provide 服务.
  • We may share information we gather to otherwise operate our business, including to provide travel marketplace and travel management services. 例如, information we gather may be shared with travel agents, travel management companies, corporate travel departments, 在线旅游网站, 和其他人, 与旅游供应商合作, 如航空公司, 酒店, 邮轮公司, 汽车租赁公司, 铁路供应商, 旅行社, 和其他人.

How do you store and protect information about me?

10大信誉娱乐平台实现的物理, 旨在保护您个人信息的管理和技术安全措施. 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 is not responsible for unauthorized access to such information by hackers or others that obtain access through illegal measures.

The safety and security of your information also depends on you.  任何内容, 包括信息, that you contribute to be shared, 发表, or displayed on the 服务, or transmitted to other users of the 服务, 通过服务或通过社交网络或通过服务提供的其他第三方网站, is visible to other users and can be read, 收集, 或者被他们使用.  We urge you to be careful about giving out information in public areas of the 服务.  You understand and acknowledge that, 即使删除, 您的内容的副本, 包括信息, that you contribute to be shared, 发表, or displayed on the 服务, or transmitted to other users of the Service, may remain viewable in cached and archived pages, or might have been copied or stored by other users.

How do you use cookies and similar website technology?

值得信赖的十大娱乐平台使用cookie或其他类似的跟踪技术为您提供更好的服务. 10大信誉娱乐平台可能会通过使用cookies收集您在10大信誉娱乐平台服务上的活动信息, 清除gif或网络信标, local shared objects or Flash cookies, or through other similar identifiers and technologies (“饼干”). cookie是网站传输到你电脑硬盘上进行记录的信息碎片. We use both session and persistent 饼干. 饼干 can either be persistent (i.e., they remain on your computer or device until you delete them) or temporary (i.e., they last only until you close your browser). We use first-party and third-party 饼干. First-party 饼干 are used and controlled by us. 第三方cookie由第三方控制,主要用于分析目的.

饼干可以存储有关您对特定站点的首选项的信息,从而使Web更加有用. The use of 饼干 is an industry standard, and many major websites use them to provide useful features for their customers. 通过使用10大信誉娱乐平台的网站, 您同意10大信誉娱乐平台使用饼干以及10大信誉娱乐平台处理通过该等饼干收集的信息, in accordance with this 隐私声明. You can withdraw your consent at any time by deleting placed 饼干 and disabling 饼干 in your browser (consult your browser ‘help’ files or visit www.aboutcookies.org或万维网.allaboutcookies.org to learn more about 饼干 and their management). 然而, if you refuse to accept 饼干, 您可能无法充分利用网站或服务的功能. 10大信誉娱乐平台目前不响应“不跟踪”的浏览器头与服务.

Below is a list of 饼干 that may be set by our 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 owned or licensed websites which display this 隐私声明, and a description of what each is used for. This list may change over time.  您可以通过在浏览器上选择适当的设置来拒绝使用cookies, 但是请注意,如果您这样做,您可能无法使用完整的功能. By using our 服务 you consent to the cookies you permit.

谷歌分析 to track page views, 会议时间, and other basic analytics to help create a better experience for our users了解更多 about 谷歌分析, including 谷歌’s “隐藏”选项.
s_cc - *
s_sq - *
s_fid - *
购物应用程序. 分析 of application usage – aggregated at the customer level or above.N/A
购物应用程序. Used to assist in trouble shooting.N/A
Contractual metrics reporting

1 - iPla净DirectoryPro
3 - BIGip服务remg * * *
值得信赖的十大娱乐平台社区门户是一个web应用程序,值得信赖的十大娱乐平台客户使用它来访问应用程序, 文档和发票. The portal is also a point of entry tool for contractual metrics and service 请求.  

1. Distinguishing end users for session management.
2. Used for session management in J2EE web application for HTTP protocol.
3. 用于负载均衡
Video embed service we use to host video content. YouTube is part of the 谷歌 product suite.了解更多关于YouTube的 隐私政策.
谷歌分析 is a web analytics service provided by 谷歌, 公司. 谷歌分析有助于评估您对10大信誉娱乐平台网站的使用情况,并为10大信誉娱乐平台编制有关10大信誉娱乐平台网站活动的报告.了解更多 about 谷歌分析, including 谷歌’s “隐藏”选项.

LinkedIn provides professional 净working services. LinkedIn的服务允许值得信赖的十大娱乐平台跟踪那些访问值得信赖的十大娱乐平台网站和服务的人的活动.了解更多 about LinkedIn 隐私, including “隐藏”选项s.
推特 Conversion Tracking
推特 is a social 净work and communication platform. 推特’s services enable 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 to track activity and the effectiveness of communications through the 推特 platform, as well as providing insight into 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s 推特 followers.了解更多 关于推特的隐私.
双击 is a digital marketing and advertising platform.了解更多 about 双击’s use of cookies, including certain “隐藏”选项s.
脸谱网是一个社交媒体平台,可以让人们联系和分享信息.了解更多 关于脸谱网的隐私.
HubSpot的是一个客户关系管理工具,用于电子邮件通信和内容托管.了解更多 about HubSpot的 隐私政策.
Video embed service we use to host video content. Vimeo提供播放器嵌入功能显示视频从他们的平台在10大信誉娱乐平台的域.了解更多 about Vimeo’s 隐私政策.
A session cookie named Pardot is set in your browser while you’re logged in to Pardot as a user or when a visitor accesses a form, 着陆页, or page with Pardot tracking code. The cookie denotes an active session and isn’t used for tracking.了解更多 about cookie tracking and Pardot.

除了饼干, we may use other technologies, 如web日志, 脚本, or other applications that recognize your computer and gather information, such as your inter净 protocol address and type of browser, the type of operating system you are using, the domain name of your Inter净 service provider, the web pages you have visited, and the type of mobile device and provider used to utilize the Service. We may use this information to manage our websites and online services, including to provide you appropriate and better service. We 和其他人 may collect personal information about your online activities over time and across different Web sites.

What if you change this 隐私声明?

We may need to change this Statement and our notices. The updates will be posted online. If the changes are material to the way we process your personal information, we will announce the update through 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s websites by including a “NEWLY UPDATED” label with the 隐私声明 link on our websites for 30 days after material changes are made. Your continued use of the 服务 after the effective date of such changes constitutes your acceptance of such changes. To make your review more convenient, we will post an effective date at the top of the page containing the 隐私声明.

How may I control information about me?

You may access and control the information provided to us in a number of ways.

If you maintain an account with us directly, you may update certain information provided to us in your online account (such as contact details) by logging in to your account and editing that information. To the extent that an employer, 旅行社或其他实体代表您在10大信誉娱乐平台的在线账户中维护或管理信息, you may not be able to update such information yourself but may be able to request that such entity do so for you.

您可以通过激活浏览器上的适当设置来接受cookie或更改cookie设置. Check your browser help to find out how to adjust these settings. 请注意,一旦cookies被禁用,本服务的某些功能可能不可用.

If you have another request regarding your personal information, 或者如果您对本隐私声明和10大信誉娱乐平台的隐私实践有任何问题或意见, please direct such inquiries or 请求 to 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s Data Protection Officer and the 隐私 team at: 隐私@sabre.或值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 GLBL公司 .., 3150 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Drive, Southlake, Texas 76092 Attn: 隐私 Office

如果您不满意,10大信誉娱乐平台要求您首先10大信誉娱乐平台,看看10大信誉娱乐平台是否能解决这个问题.  然而, if you are an individual in Europe or certain other jurisdictions, 你可以向所在国家的监管部门投诉, 你工作的地方, or in the place of the alleged infringement of your 隐私 rights.


如果您是欧盟居民,这些条款适用于值得信赖的十大娱乐平台通过服务收集的个人信息. Where 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 collects information directly from you through its 服务, such personal information is controlled by 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 GLBL, 公司.总部位于美国得克萨斯州南湖市值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Drive 3150号,邮编76092.

处理您的数据的法律基础包括本隐私声明中所述的上述目的. In some cases, we may additionally process your information based on your consent.

Your personal information will not be stored for longer than necessary for the purposes for which they were 收集, or in accordance with applicable law.

以适用法律为准, you have (i) the right to access and request personal information controlled by 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台, (ii) the right to request the transmission of the personal information you have provided to us to you or another company, (iii) the right to object to uses or disclosures of your personal information, (iv) the right to withdraw your consent in relation to our processing of your personal information based on your consent (however, such withdrawal of consent will not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before such withdrawal), (v) the right to request deletion of your personal information and (vi) the right to request that we restrict processing of your personal information.

You may exercise these rights free of charge unless the request is unfounded, 过度, 或以其他方式不合理, 例如, 因为它是重复的. 在某些情况下, we may refuse to act or may impose limitations on your rights, 法律允许的. Before 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 is able to provide you with any information or correct any inaccuracies, 10大信誉娱乐平台可能会要求您核实您的身份及/或提供其他详细资料,以协助10大信誉娱乐平台回应您的要求. For the exercise of your rights, 请与您选择的地点的值得信赖的十大娱乐平台代表和/或数据保护官员联系, 下面.

如果您不满意,10大信誉娱乐平台要求您首先10大信誉娱乐平台,看看10大信誉娱乐平台是否能解决这个问题.  然而, if you are an individual in in Europe or certain other jurisdictions, you may have the right to lodge a complaint with an appropriate supervisory authority.

值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted at:

  • 隐私@ningyousaiji.com; or
  • 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 GLBL公司., 3150 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Drive, Southlake, Texas 76092 Attn: 隐私 Office.

GDPR下的值得信赖的十大娱乐平台代表是值得信赖的十大娱乐平台全球技术有限公司,联系方式为 隐私@ningyousaiji.com.

Your California 隐私 Rights

California law permits users of our 服务 that are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, California residents should send an e-mail to 隐私@ningyousaiji.com 或写信给10大信誉娱乐平台:值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 公司 .., 3150 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Drive, Southlake, Texas 76092 Attn: 隐私 Office.

值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 is a service provider to employers, 旅行社, 全球分销系统s and 旅游供应商s who provide information about you in order for 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 to provide the 服务.  If you are a California consumer, please direct any questions regarding your California Consumer 隐私 Act 隐私 rights to the business(es) who 收集 information about you.

值得信赖的十大娱乐平台不会也不会将加州居民的个人信息出售给第三方, within the meaning of the California Consumer 隐私 Act.


We’re a global organization headquartered in the United States, and our information systems are in several countries around the world. 10大信誉娱乐平台也使用信息系统可能在不同国家的服务提供商. 这意味着你的个人信息可能会出现在另一个国家的信息系统中, and that country may have a different level of data protection regulation than yours. By giving us personal information, 您明确同意, or the company from whom we received your personal information consents to the processing of your personal information as described in this document.

No matter what country your personal information is in, 10大信誉娱乐平台遵守适用的法律,也将遵守10大信誉娱乐平台在本隐私声明中作出的承诺. 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Travel Network is 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s global business-to-business travel marketplace and related solutions for subscribing travel agents, travel management companies, corporate travel departments, 在线旅游网站, 和其他人 can use to search, 价格, 书, 票, and manage travel services provided by a variety of participating 旅游供应商s, 如航空公司, 酒店, 邮轮公司, 汽车租赁公司, 铁路供应商, 旅行社, 和其他人. For our European operations, the personal and other information that we process about you as part of the 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 Travel Network is controlled by a 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 affiliate, 有时共同, 与10大信誉娱乐平台的客户.

For our non-European operations, and services provided by 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s 酒店解决方案 or 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台’s Airline Solutions, we are a processor (or subprocessor) of your personal and other information, and our client is the controller (or processor, if 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 is a subprocessor) of such information.

With respect to sales leads created by 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台, and information received from individuals directly contacting us, 值得信赖的十大娱乐平台 is typically a controller of such specific personal information.


If you are a parent and believe your child who is under 16 has provided us with personal information without your express consent, please contact us at 隐私@ningyousaiji.com to have your child’s information removed.